Victory Dance

by The Snippets

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released August 21, 2014



all rights reserved


The Snippets England, UK

The Snippets met whence sipping cocktails onboard the S.S. Nancy Dillalleeoh. Polite tippings of fine silk top hats soon turned into talk of mathematics and, naturally, music. The four there and then knew they were bonded for life. They called themselves The Snippets, and have since written and released the EP 'Abbreviations', which has been released to remarkable industry acclaim. ... more

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Track Name: Victory Dance
Cry on command; it’s your only talent
Pray for forgiveness and aim for a balance
I swear you’re glowing with shame and deceit
you’re the kind of friend that nobody needs.

What goes up must always come down
You’re high as a kite so keep your eyes from the ground
My victory dance is already planned
Every one wants in so let’s all join hands
Track Name: What Did You Do This For?
You’re not a liar, I won’t believe it
I won’t believe the tales they tell me
I’m sitting here with my head in my hands
Listening to words I don’t understand

What did you do?
What did you do this for?
Pain and regret will lay with a promise of friendship
But only until I can have my vengeance

What did you do?
What did you do this for?
Track Name: Friends Are The Competition
I’ve never met a soul like you
Ungrateful brother you’re a little too
Quick to judge and quick to burn yourself out
We had a god thing going but you burned it down

Save yourself the hassle and embarrassment
You’re a liability and I’m getting pretty tired of
your manipulation and your demands
I’m leaving now before I strangle you myself

Friend’s ain’t friends; they’re the competition
It’s your way or no way isn’t it
Hold on tight and you’ll bleed us all dry
Everyone leaves and still you wonder why
Track Name: It Doesn't Matter
It doesn’t mater about your faith
It doesn’t matter about music
It doesn’t matter if you drink coffee
Or how you buy your drug and use it
It doesn’t matter about love lives
It doesn’t matter about TV
All that really matters is how you’re going to kills me

When the lights go out we’re all filthy rich
In sordid dreams and the will to live
I’ll kill you all and eat your skin
And wear it home like your mother did
When the sun comes up and we’re covered in shame
Nobody cares cos we’re all the same
Go to sleep now and dream your dreams
Of how you’ll survive and you’re gonna bury me
Track Name: Last Night
Last night I said some dumb things and you said some honest things
Truth be told it’s worth the attention
Cos sometimes it feels like you’re so far away
Ignoring me when I’m trying to say

I’m sorry I love you
It’s too late to leave now
Can we please forget this and just go to sleep now?
I’m sorry I love you
Will it work this time?
Can you see a way through this? Just open your eyes

Let’s just start again I know we can make this right
I don’t have the energy to carry this on
I love you I need you can we not forget
That this is a silly mistake and it is not the end
Track Name: I Gotta See About A Girl
I don’t regret a single night
not since that first night, not since missing game six
in you walked, all glory and beauty
A perfect presence that sang right through me.

I won’t talk about regrets because I have none
I don’t wish for a perfect life because I had one
I don’t sit wallowing in pain and sadness
Cos thinking of you still makes me feel at home